Our Team
  • Zach Zeurcher
    Founder & CEO

    Expert in finding and capturing value between the intersectionality of industries created through the adoption of new technology. Zach has built innovative products for Fortune 500's, and has cofounded/founded innovative startups. Prior to founding Gr@vity, Zach was a cofounder of Minneapolis based tech incubator Secretlab. There Secretlab was contracted to build a new CPG package approval process software system for a Danaher company Esko, and built a unique reservation mobile app startup WaitHopper. Following an exit of WaitHopper, Zach founded Gr@vity Inc. after having his passion for space renewed by inspiration from SpaceX's first successful Falcon Heavy Launch. Zach is experienced with marketing, go to market strategies, business development, React & React Native Development, UI/UX, monetization, new product development, and project management with agile methodologies.

  • David Hurst
    Founder & CTO

    Tech and space entrepreneur with a 35-year track record of success. David conducts systems engineering, program management, and logistics for space missions and has extensive experience managing product engineering teams. David has contributed to the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group since 2016 and has developed MBSE practices for smallsat missions. David has also consulted on technical due diligence and business strategy assessments for venture capital firms. David is also the founder and CEO of space logistics and spacecraft engineering company Orbital Transports, Inc. Prior to Orbital Transports, David has founded multiple successful technology companies including Athena Security, Lisle Technology Partners, Peritus Software Services, Nexus Chicago, and Vista Technologies.

Marketing, PR, & Collateral
  • Larry Pezzutto
    Founder & CEO

    Digital marketing and SEO expert, strategist, and persuasion professional, Larry specializes in turning complex data into straight forward executable digital marketing and targeted advertising campaigns. His work includes marketing and advertising campaigns for major marketing agencies and advertising firms such as Merge, highly technical clients such as space company Orbital Transports, as well as for small to medium sized businesses implementing tactics and strategy to ensure efficient and effective marketing and advertising spend.

    Larry is also an entrepreneur having started out at Minneapolis based Secretlab working on large corporate accounts such as Danaher, and various Secretlab startups where he utilized his Digital Marketing degree from Indiana University to play a pivotal role in Secretlabs marketing and strategy.

  • Denise Zeurcher
    Marketing, PR, Collateral

    With a degree in journalism and public relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Denise has more than 36 years of professional writing, editing, public relations, and marketing experience. She has held public relations positions for two healthcare systems, was a marketing director for a medical management company that owned and operated imaging centers and later for a large accounting and business advisory firm, and was also a publisher for a clinical newsletter that she marketed and sold to imaging centers throughout the U.S. to distribute to their chiropractor referral bases. Additionally, Denise served as a physician liaison and planned numerous educational programs and community events in her roles.

    While her children were young, Denise freelanced and volunteered before becoming a contracted editor at Lilly. She was then hired by Lilly and later accepted a writer role with the newly created Lilly Marketing Studios/Creative Services (LMS/CS). As associate director she was able to help shape early processes while taking into consideration strict pharmaceutical legal compliances as they built and scaled Lilly's internal creative agency, while also managing other writers in addition to continuing to write and lead special projects

  • Christian Durfee
    Marketing, Digital Marketing, Collateral

    Christian has a strong background in management, digital and traditional marketing, strong arts and design, investing, and fundraising. While studying for his B.S. in marketing and management at the University of Minnesota, Christian created a health & wellness supplement startup which provided nutrients to struggling college students. He scaled his startup to 40+ college campuses through strategic marketing & partnerships overseeing both. After his exit, he started InvestLink Social, a platform that connects founders with investors to assist in the fundraising process, a $59.9B industry. He has successfully fund raised and is an expert at validating traction through marketing and sales efforts.

    Christian is very data-driven in his marketing approach and focuses his efforts on omni-channel strategy. His philosophy in marketing is hit all 7 touch points and focus on conversion rates at a high return on investment rate. In his free time, he’s either skiing, snowboarding, or meeting up with peers and connections to help advance his professional and personal career further.

    Skilled in Advertising, traditional marketing, digital marketing, SEO, social media, design, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Video, Animation, Messaging, And Advertising
  • Chris Christman
    Video, Animation, Messaging, Storytelling, Advertising

    Army Veteran who’s dedicated his life to studying many disciplines that encompass present day storytelling, Chris worked alongside and learned from the best in Animation/Visual Effects, Film, and Advertising. Chris has been exposed to and applied numerous pipelines and respective film making techniques to continually push the envelope of what is possible by leveraging with storytellers, creatives, marketers, advertisers, and data experts in pursuit of effectively delivering the message. This mentality has propelled Chris to the top of his profession and all the industries he’s worked in.

    It would take a book to list his accomplishments, positions, and what he’s worked on. But a few of those include Global Creative Director for Lucas Films reporting directly to George Lucas, numerous films at Disney, Marvel, and Warner Brothers, television series such as The Hunger Games, video games such as Call Of Duty, and numerous television commercials for large brands such as Target and General Motors.

    Chris brings hollywood tier video and storytelling capabilities, and his highly in-demand branding & messaging services to your campaign.

  • Eric Jenson
    Video, Animation, Messaging, Storytelling, Advertising

    A world class video, storytelling, messaging, and marketing professional. Eric has worked with tech companies, medtech, major consumer brands, and government agencies producing videos and advertisements. He is directly involved in shooting, scripting, and editing to clearly convey the message through clear and impactful storytelling.

    Eric’s work has won numerous national and international content marketing awards against submissions by the world’s largest brands such as Google, VW and Disney. Eric’s work has been featured by Forbes, Wired, TechCrunch, AOL, Huffington Post, NBC, CBS, Mail (UK), Glamour, and many more publications.

    Eric is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota with a double major in business and religion.

  • Mark Garlik
    Animation & Storytelling

    Illustrator, computer animator and author specialising in space and astronomical art. Mark uses his degree in Astronomy from the University College London (UCL), and his PhD in Astrophysics from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory to create the most eye-grabbing space animations available on the market. You've probably seen Mark's work at some point having created animations for the Shanghai Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, Popular Science Magazine,Time Magazine, Scientific American, Simon and Schuster, BBC, and many other well known names.

Sales & Sales Marketing
  • Jim Micklos
    President Of Sales

    Jim’s success is rooted in his belief that understanding his clients’ industry, organization, objectives, challenges, and people are essential to their mutual gains. As a seasoned performance improvement professional with extensive sales, marketing, and operations experience, Jim has a proven track record in developing and executing custom solutions for his clients’ unique sales and marketing challenges. Working in a variety of industries and marketing situations, he has developed extraordinary personal relationships with clients, coworkers, and suppliers. His commitment to excellence, tireless work ethic, and genuine respect for others enable him to envision creative and pragmatic solutions and bring them to reality.

  • Steve Bork
    B2B Sales Marketing

    Versatile B2B Digital Marketer who transforms marketing strategies to propel revenue. Steve has extensive experience delivering innovative, meaningful marketing solutions that boost sales, launch new products, expand brand awareness and personality, drive market penetration, and increase market share – often positioning organizations for potential sale.

Engineering And Technical
  • Michael Weiss
    Aerospace Engineer and Mission Specialist

    Utilizing an Aerospace Engineering degree from Purdue, Michael is focused on long-term development of in-space logistics infrastructure, and developing the tools and processes to efficiently manage space missions from concept to closeout.

  • Nili Waypa
    Data Engineer

    Seasoned analytics professional and data engineer, Nili specializes in transforming raw data into actionable insights for organizational leaders and navigating complex regulations to deliver quality, compliant solutions efficiently. His expertise extends across various facets, including data cleaning, analysis, presentation, data driven strategizing, system optimization, and ensuring decision-makers have clear, accurate information at their fingertips.

    Nili has a proven track record in establishing robust data infrastructure, having set up data lakes and data warehouses that streamline data accessibility for end-users. His proficiency in Python extends to writing automation scripts for seamless data transfer, recurring report generation, and implementing monitoring and alerting systems for real-time data updates.

    Utilizing his degree from the University of Minnesota, Nili brings a strategic mindset to data-driven success while leveraging his multifaceted skill set to empower organizations through informed decision-making and innovative data solutions.

  • Nabil Boutleb
    Astronautical Engineer and Mission Specialist

    Astronautical Engineer experienced with engineering small satellites and payload systems, and developing R&D projects for space applications. Nabil is an engineering graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology with a MS in astronautical/space engineering from the University of Southern California

  • Cole Myers
    Full Stack Engineer

    Full stack developer and software architect specializing in UI/UX. Cole has built and deployed numerous websites, web apps, mobile apps, and desktop apps for startups and corporations.

    Skilled in Javascript, Typescript, React/React Native, Vue, Firebase, and AWS.