Space: The Final Marketing Frontier

We're A Space Marketing Agency

Advertising in space and marketing for space companies requires more than just marketers and creatives, it also requires a team of engineers and space experts to strategize, execute, and operate together to pull of the incredible.

Who We Work With
  • We create a fully integrated space marketing campaign around your brand by tieing in a relevant space initiative to embark on.
  • Marketing Agencies
    Wow your clients and prospects with out of this world marketing through space capabilities of your own.
  • Space Companies
    Marketing for space companies isn't rocket science, but working with a marketing agency that actually understands what you are doing is essential.
How We Work
Space Marketing & Space Advertising
Identify Why
Space marketing requires relevance to your brand identity, marketing messaging, business development goals, and must create a value add to your spend. We work with you to identify your why using these core four elements.
Strategize & Create
Our team of marketers, engineers, and space experts create the entirety of your space marketing campaign with you. From the marketing to the space mission, we are there with you through the entire process.
Now the fun begins! Whether you're a sponsor on a major mission, conducting research in a zero gravity environment, executing a satellite fly over the Super Bowl to replace the Goodyear Blimp, sending a delivery from the moon, or anything else, Gr@vity executes both the marketing and space element.
Marketing For Space Companies
Marketing for space companies requires more than just marketers asking questions, it requires in depth knowledge of what you are building. After all, space is not easy. Gr@vity takes the time to intimately understand what you are building, why, and how by including our engineers and space industry experts with our marketers during the discovery process.
Strategize & Create
After a deep intimate dive into your space company only Gr@vity's unique team is capable of, we strategize and create your marketing plan and programs.
After we deliver the marketing plan and programs, we execute on the plan and manage the programs for you.
For Agencies
Gr@vity is your behind the scenes strategic partner to provide your client brands with space capabilities of your own.
  • Zach Zeurcher
    Founder & CEO

    Expert in finding and capturing value between the intersectionality of industries created through the adoption of new technology. Zach has built innovative products for Fortune 500's, and has cofounded/founded innovative startups. Prior to founding Gr@vity, Zach was a cofounder of Minneapolis based tech incubator Secretlab. There Secretlab was contracted to build a new CPG package approval process software system for a Danaher company Esko, and built a unique reservation mobile app startup WaitHopper. Following an exit of WaitHopper, Zach founded Gr@vity Inc. after having his passion for space renewed by inspiration from SpaceX's first successful Falcon Heavy Launch. Zach is experienced with marketing, go to market strategies, business development, React & React Native Development, UI/UX, monetization, new product development, and project management with agile methodologies.

  • David Hurst
    Founder & CTO

    Tech and space entrepreneur with a 35-year track record of success. David conducts systems engineering, program management, and logistics for space missions and has extensive experience managing product engineering teams. David has contributed to the INCOSE Space Systems Working Group since 2016 and has developed MBSE practices for smallsat missions. David has also consulted on technical due diligence and business strategy assessments for venture capital firms. David is also the founder and CEO of space logistics and spacecraft engineering company Orbital Transports, Inc. Prior to Orbital Transports, David has founded multiple successful technology companies including Athena Security, Lisle Technology Partners, Peritus Software Services, Nexus Chicago, and Vista Technologies.

Meet The Team
Gr@vity's team merges the polar opposite worlds of STEM, creative, and everything in between
  • Nabil Boutleb
    Space Engineer and Mission Specialist
    Astronautical Engineer experienced with engineering small satellites and payload systems, and developing R&D projects for space applications. Nabil is an engineering graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology with a MS in astronautical/space engineering from the University of Southern California
  • Larry Pezzuto
    Digital Marketing & SEO Director
    Digital marketing, targeted advertising, and SEO expert. Larry focuses on digital marketing solutions that provide constant returns with minimal risk. Larry's marketing expertise has been essential to small businesses, startups, and large corporations.
  • Gary Rosewell
    Sponsorships & Partnerships Director
    Gary brings over 12 years of international partnerships experience from the world of Formula One working with multiple teams, brands and integrated marketing agencies. Passionate about science and learning, he doubles as the Partnerships Director for Proteus Ocean Group.
  • Evan Williams
    Creative & Web3
    Creative marketer and Web3 expert. Evan has been an essential creative force to startups, and has been on the forefront of the new NFT industry having built out and managed NFT project discords.
  • Michael Weiss
    Space Engineer and Mission Specialist
    Utilizing an Aerospace Engineering degree from Purdue, Michael is focused on long-term development of in-space logistics infrastructure, and developing the tools and processes to efficiently manage space missions from concept to closeout.
  • Mark Garlik
    Animation & Illustration 
    Illustrator, computer animator and author specialising in space and astronomical art. Mark uses his degree in Astronomy from the University College London (UCL), and his PhD in Astrophysics from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory to create the most eye-grabbing space animations available on the market. You've probably seen Mark's work at some point having created animations for the Shanghai Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History, Popular Science Magazine,Time Magazine, Scientific American, Simon and Schuster, BBC, and many other well known names. 
  • Will Delaney 
    Director of Campus Outreach
    Will leads the Terraformers Space Adventures (TSA) outreach and ambassador program initiative across college campuses to onboard space and blockchain enthusiast into the TSA Web3 platform, and plays a crucial role in developing the Terraformers Space Adventures Token (TSAT). A current undergrad at Purdue University studying Industrial Engineering, Will is a Web3 enthusiast who also participates as the Head Researcher and Vice President of Boiler Blockchain.
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