For Space Organizations
Gr@vity's highly-specialized one-of-a-kind team is equipped to open new marketing and commercial opportunities for your space organization. You focus on space, we take care of the rest.

Major marketing agencies work with Gr@vity to propose space activations to their client brands. Gr@vity helps develop your marketing & commercial programs to be a viable option.

Gr@vity's Commercial Program Platform
Mission Sponsorship Development & Management
Our team members have experience developing and managing Formula One sponsorship programs. We bring that expertise to develop your program and materials, then manage the process and accounts.
Commercial Product & Services Development Support
We work with you to help create scalable products with your space tech that meets market demand.
Gr@vity Brand & Agency Network
We bring your mission opportunities to brands and agencies for marketing and technology demonstration purposes.

Many space organizations are simply not prepared - in terms of personnel, commercial infrastructure and priorities - for the opportunities space is beginning to open up.

We Also Provide A Litany Of Marketing & Commercial Services

Integrated Marketing
Fully integrated marketing campaigns specifically for space companies.
Web Marketing Support Package
First we identify and capture key demographics, then we optimize your webpage to match key activity from your targeted demographic, finally we run a targeted advertisement campaign & monitor campaign analytics to adjust accordingly.
Marketing Content Development
Gr@vity's advertising and graphics team develops your marketing content to match key demographic activity then actively adjusts content to match console database queries and platform formats.
Active Sales & Account Management
We actively engage with prospects and current clients while managing your sales pipeline and client accounts.
NFT Project Creation
Gr@vity creates NFT digital collectibles for your space missions. We work with you to create your NFT art, create your NFT smart contract, create your microsite and generative engine connected to open sea, and build and manage your community.
Full Stack Development
Front end & backend development for both web & mobile.
Whether you need support in one area or all, Gr@vity has you covered:
  • Business goals and technical specifications
  • Competitive analysis report
  • Personas and UX research reports
  • Sitemap and information architecture
  • Experience maps
  • User journeys and user flows
  • UX wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Visual design
  • Style guides and specifications for developers
  • Usability testing and usage analytics reports
Commercial Exploration
We bridge the gap between the new private space frontier and commercial opportunities
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