Gr@vity Launchpad
Connecting The Commercial World To Space, And Commercial Space To The World
We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?
Whether you're an agency that wants to expand your services capabilities into space, or a space company who wants to reach the world's largest brands with your marketing and payload programs, Gr@vity Launchpad is your starting point to capitalize on this new commercial and marketing frontier.

Agencies use Gr@vity Launchpad to expand their activation opportunities into space and approach their client brands with space capabilities of their own.

Space companies use Gr@vity Launchpad to reach large brands with their commercial and marketing programs through the agencies that work with them.

Fast Facts:
  • The global space economy grew 9% year-over-year in 2021, marking the fastest rate of growth since 2014
  • Commercial space ventures accounted for a whopping 77% of spending, as a record number of civilians launched into space last year
  • More than $224 billion came from products and services delivered by space firms in 2021, and nearly $138 billion was spent on infrastructure and support for commercial space enterprises
Launchpad For Agencies
Agencies connect into the space ecosystem through the guidance of space experts, and marketers who are dedicated to using space as their marketing platform.

What agencies gain with Launchpad:
  1. White labeled space execution services to approach clients with space capabilities of your own
  2. A continual flow of space mission sponsorship & partnership programs to propose to client brands
  3. Space expertise to help craft plausible space activations from your ideas
  4. Creative and engineering support to tie-in your client brands' integrated marketing goals into a space activation
  5. Access to an audience of space enthusiasts through the Terraformers Space Adventures web3 platform

Launchpad For Space Companies

Space companies capitalize on the massive revenue opportunity available with large commercial brands through the support of a team who not only understands the marketing and business aspect, but also the engineering and space element.

What space companies gain with launchpad:

  1. Your mission opportunities flowing into the agencies that work with the world's largest brands
  2. Your sponsorship/partnership and other commercial programs flowing into the agencies that work with the world's largest brands
  3. Sponsorship/partnership and other commercial program development and management support
  4. Engineers and space experts who really understand what you do to best craft your value proposition with our marketing and business experts
  5. Terraformers Space Adventures to use as an audience for your activating brands
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